Lighting Energy Savers, Reduced Electricity Voltage, Reduce electric Voltage

Lighting Energy Savers, Reduced Electricity Voltage, Reduce electric Voltage
  Lighting Energy Savers, Reduced Electricity Voltage, Reduce electric Voltage  


As explained earlier, the ELECTROMIZER is basically a device which applies a reduced voltage to the lighting devices. A reduced voltage can also be applied by using conventional equipment like step down transformer, auto transformer, CVT, Voltage Stabilizer etc. However, what is important to note here is that such equipments, while managing to save energy consumption in the lighting devices, will also lose fair amount of energy within themselves. Here therefore, the efficiency of the equipment plays an important role.  

The ELECTROMIZER being what we refer to as a LOSSLESS REACTANCE COIL, boasts an efficiency of BETTER THAN 99.4% virtually over the ENTIRE LOADING RANGE.  We have tested this feature of ELECTROMIZER coil at Central Power Research Institute (C.P.R.I.), Bhopal. Thus, the losses within the ELECTROMIZER are well below 0.6%. Obviously, therefore, it consumes negligible amount of power itself and practically delivers ALMOST ALL THE INPUT POWER TO THE LIGHTING DEVICES CONNECTED TO THE OUTPUT but at a reduced voltage. 

Experiments were also conducted at many customer locations to verify this. Measurements of all electrical parameters like voltage, current, Watts, VA, VAR and PF were made at BOTH – THE INPUT AND THE OUTPUT of the ELECTROMIZER. The observations showed that the POWER as measured at the output was just about 0.1 – 0.35% less than that as measured at the input. From these observations it is clear that the efficiency measured up to almost a minimum of 99.65% and a maximum of 99.9%. 

An efficiency of this level is possible only with the help of a very special design, highly superior engineering inputs, best quality of material and workmanship. In the market today, there are a number of SIMILAR SOUNDING PRODUCTS which, we are sure however, do not measure up to the ELECTROMIZER on any count. Here, one must realize that use of any device like a standard transformer WILL RESULT IN ENERGY SAVING. However, the ELECTROMIZER is likely to deliver MUCH BETTER SAVINGS (TYPICALLY, 5 – 15 % HIGHER IN ABSOLUTE TERMS AND ABOUT 30 – 50 % HIGHER AS COMPARED TO OTHER DEVICES).  



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